Why choose ACE as your Managed Security Service Provider?

Why choose ACE as your Managed Security Service Provider?

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Managed security service providers are a small business’s most important ally against cyberattacks. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) are outsourced IT vendors who monitor and manage an organization’s entire cybersecurity process. Small businesses reduce operations costs and enhance their cybersecurity posture by partnering with MSSPs.    

There are many security service providers in the market today. While having multiple options is ideal for making informed choices, it also results in confusion and operational inefficiency. This blog will make your MSSP choice an easy one.  Are you looking for a Managed Security Service Provider that can help you protect your business from cyber threats? Look no further! Managed Email Security is a reliable, cost-effective service provider that offers comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

What is Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE)? 

Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) is a managed cloud services provider headquartered in Florida, United States. With 14+ years of experience providing cloud-based technology solutions to customers worldwide, Ace Cloud Hosting is a one-stop managed security provider. Some managed security service providers focus on endpoint security, while others may specialize in email security. It is rare to find a managed security service provider that offers end-to-end security for every aspect of your organization’s network. 

ACE Managed Security Services – An Introduction 

ACE provides round-the-clock protection for your business. If you are looking for a dependable security provider with cutting-edge technologies and experienced security analysts, your search ends at Ace Cloud Hosting.  

So, why choose ACE as your managed security services provider? 

  • 24/7/365 Security Operations Center:  

ACE security experts monitor your network 24/7 for anomalies and suspicious activities within your network. You receive real-time threat analysis and actionable intelligence on a state-of-the-art threat dashboard. 

  • Expert Support 

ACE security experts and analysts are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. You get to add world-class talent to your security infrastructure. ACE’s security is available to you immediately – via web chat, email, or phone call.  

  • Customizable Services 

ACE understands that each industry and business has unique security concerns. ACE tailors its services so that your business is safe against industry-specific threats. They also ensure you never fail to meet security and data protection compliances.  

  • Multi-layered Security 

ACE offers multiple services under the umbrella of managed security services. The entire portfolio of security services, including SIEM, email security, DNS filtering, and EDR, provides multiple layers of cybersecurity around your business.   

Let’s take a look at ACE Security Services. 

Managed SIEM – Security Information and Event Management 

SIEM is an essential security tool responsible for monitoring, logging, and analyzing security events in an organization’s network. ACE Managed SIEM empowers threat detection and secures your environment with 24/7 monitoring and in-depth forensic analysis of events. You also get actionable threat intelligence and remediation recommendations on a single platform.  

ACE Managed SIEM makes it easy to see and understand security events and actions across your network. Here are some ACE Managed SIEM highlights: 

  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • 400-day log archives 
  • Automatic compliance management 
  • MITRE ATT&CK mapped alerts 
  • Zero-time threats prevention 

Managed EDR – Next-Generation Endpoint Detection and Response 

Managing endless endpoint devices can be a nightmare for IT teams, especially since remote and hybrid working have made endpoint security even more perilous. ACE provides advanced endpoint security with cutting-edge threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities. 

Having partnered with CrowdStrike, the leading endpoint security technology, ACE ensures the highest level of security for your endpoints. How?  

  • Next-generation cloud-based Antivirus 
  • Root-cause and behavior analysis 
  • Automatic remediation 
  • Prioritized alerts 
  • Reduced false positives 
  • Centralized endpoint policy management

Managed Email Security – Protect Your Communications 

Emails are the number one threat vector. ACE Managed Email Security monitors your email traffic and protects you from malware-based and malware-free threats. ACE defends you against social engineering attacks, infected attachments, and malicious links. 

ACE partnered with Proofpoint so that you get the best email security available in the market.  

  • Antivirus, anti-spam 
  • Content filtering 
  • Anti-phishing
  • Imposter detection 
  • 24/7 emergency inbox 
  • Data loss prevention  

Are You Ready for Advanced Protection With ACE? 

Choosing ACE as your managed security services provider is a fool-proof plan to combat dangerous cyberattacks. ACE security experts analyze your current security posture and curate a customized security solution that takes your cybersecurity to the next level.


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