How to increase your social media followers count

How to increase social media followers

Whenever we speak about social media, the notion of follower count necessarily finds its way into the conversation. There’s a reason for this—while we know that social media can be an incredible way to reach and engage with people on a scale that few other marketing platforms can guarantee, we also comprehend that it isn’t effective if you don’t have an audience to talk to.


However, it’s not just the number of followers that concern, it’s also the quality of followers that you add. You’ll need to be enlarging people who are in your target audience, and who can genuinely put in something to your brand. Buying followers or bots does zero for your brand except add some numbers to your follower’s list. In this article, we’re going to be focusing on attracting real followers who are interested in your content so that you can give rise to most of your social media marketing efforts.


A large part of your technique to gain followers will rely on the content that you generate, but there’s a lot of basics that you’ll need to cover first before you get down to your content.


Define your target audience

To determine your target audience, it’s helpful to create the profile of an “ideal customer.” The ideal customer is just a comprehensive persona sketch of the type of person you want to target. When you do this, try to get as particular as you can. For example, if you distinguish your target audience as middle-aged men, you might do okay. But if you get more detailed, and say your target audience is middle-aged men who live in urban areas, have a particular household income range, and are enthusiastic about reading sci-fi comics, you’re much more likely to achieve. Your perfect customer profile should at least have as much information as you’d pile from a conversation. Based on these classifications, you’ll be able to specify things like the most popular age group that’s using your commodity and then target similar audiences.



Complete your profile

One of the best ways to secure that people follow your account is to keep your profile complete and revised. People are more likely to attend an account that looks “real.” Make sure you have an updated profile picture—which could be your brand’s logo—a customized header image, and a description that tells people precisely who you are, what you do, and what they can anticipate from you.

Apart from finalizing the regular biofields on every channel, think of how you can use the characteristics of each channel to provide even more information to your prospective followers. For example, Instagram has story highlights, where you can exhibit a story—or a series of stories—that gives more data about your brand. On channels like Facebook or Twitter, you can pin a post or a tweet that associates to a blog page or a landing page where more information is accessible.


Post regular content

One way to succeed in social media is to keep your brand consistently in front of your audience. When you make usual updates, people are more likely to appear across your posts, and then they’re more likely to recall you. Moreover, no one wants to follow stagnant accounts anyway.

As a comprehensive rule, you can afford to post less often in channels where content is regulated heavily by algorithms—such as Facebook—but you’ll need to post more repeatedly in more real-time channels—like Twitter. There have been many studies that have tried to find the optimal posting regularity on major channels.


Create appropriate content for each channel

While formulating your social media strategy, it’s significant to comprehend that different types of content work contrarily on each channel.


Engage and respond to your followers

When it comes to social media, nonetheless of what your goal is, engagement is key.

Social media engagement can be divided into two various types⁠—reactive and proactive engagement.

Reactive engagement is when you pause for your audience to start a conversation with you. They leave a comment. They send you a message. They share your content on their profiles. Then, you react to it. You appreciate their comment, reply to their message, thank them for conveying your content, etc. This is incredibly significant because, firstly, no one likes being dismissed.

Proactive engagement is more impossible but is equally significant to your social media technique. This implicates keeping an eye out for conversations that you can be a part of, even if they weren’t talking to you in the first place.


Use hashtags when you can

Hashtags are one of the useful features on social media if you want to discover content. An easy search, such as #dogs, will throw up every post that has been labelled under it, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on puppy videos to your heart’s content.


When it appears to business, this characteristic becomes even more important. Say you’re a travel agency. You’re posting content about the trip, and you want enthusiastic people to be able to find you. All you’ll require to do is to tag your posts with #travel and maybe #vacation, and people who are enthusiastic about your posts will be able to find your profile. This is a tremendous way to gain followers for your brand.


Get involved in social communities

One way to reach related accounts is to take part in social communities whenever you can. Social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn enable you to join “groups” or “communities” of people who all share a widespread interest. All you’ll need to do is to find ones that are related to your business and also interact with the people there.


In these places, you’ll learn that people routinely ask questions and share information or updates. You can make an opinion by providing answers to these questions, or responding to other updates with your thoughts. Sometimes, you can even start a discussion on topics that are related to the entire community. People who are a part of these groups may attend to you if they feel that you’re giving value to them.


Answer questions in other online communities

There are a lot of online communities, such as Quora and Reddit, where people come jointly to ask questions, answer them, and share notions and discuss them. It might be a nice idea for you to create profiles in these places and answer as many questions as possible—and maybe seal your social channels when you do.


When you’re responding to questions on these platforms, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re providing real importance to the customers. The more in-depth and adequately researched the answers are, the higher opportunity you have of being noticed. What this means is that it’ll take some time to create a following through these channels, so have patience when you take this journey.

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