Dissertation Acknowledgement – Importance & Effective Writing Tips

Dissertation Acknowledgement

If you are reading this post, chances are that you have completed your dissertation and are about to start working on the dissertation acknowledgement section. Well, it is the section where you thank those who have helped you through thick and thin. It is the section to thank those who have contributed a lot to the completion of your dissertation. It is also the place to show gratitude to those who have supported you personally and professionally.

However, it has been seen that many students are just unaware of the importance of this section and do not craft it as required. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to highlight the importance of the dissertation acknowledgement section through this post. Along with the importance, we will also discuss some effective writing tips that will help you craft it rightly. So, let’s get started with today’s discussion.

Why is it important to write a dissertation acknowledgement?

The act of acknowledgement has been defined as “Recognition of the importance or quality of something.” It is important to write because it allows you to recognise the contributions of others towards your dissertation. This section of the dissertation also gives you an opportunity to thank those who have supported you morally, technically, and emotionally throughout your research work. Hence, all these things make this section an important one.

Writing tips to write an effective dissertation acknowledgement

Writing an acknowledgement section is not difficult at all if you know what to include in it and what to exclude. This is also where the problems start arising because students do not know the effective tips to write this section. But there is no need to worry anymore. A brief description of the effective writing tips is as follows:

Know who to thank

First of all, you must know who to thank in your dissertation acknowledgement. To know this, first, you need to see your university’s guidelines. Some universities in the world require this section to be extremely professional. Therefore, they do not accept personal acknowledgements like thanking your parents or wife. In such a case, you just need to thank the professors and other academic staff. Hence, first, know who to thank.

Write in first-person language

The second tip is that you must write the acknowledgement section in first-person language. As it is you who has got the support, it must be you who is thanking the ones who have given the support. Hence, write this section in the first person. If possible, write the full names of those who have guided you greatly. Also, the language must be professional.

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Thank your professor first

When writing a dissertation acknowledgement, you must thank the professional contacts first. It means you must thank your research supervisor at the very start of this section, followed by other professors who have helped you in your dissertation. Do not just write the last name of the professor. Instead of this, write the full name of your research supervisor and thank him professionally and in the most appropriate manner.

Include personal supporters

Once you are done with all of the professional helpers, it is time to include personal supporters in your acknowledgement. The million dollars tip here is that do not go beyond mentioning the family members and your parents. Discussing the contributions of friends is not considered good because friends always help you. Just talk about the emotional and ethical support that you have got from your family and thank all of them.

Mention the funding bodies

Often research studies are funded. Many professional organisations and government agencies fund higher-level research studies. When you are writing your dissertation acknowledgement, it is important that you mention those bodies appropriately. You must thank them by saying that this research would not have been possible without their financial support.

Do not cross the page limit

Lastly, it is always recommended that you must not cross the page limit when writing this section of your dissertation. The acknowledgement section is usually one page in length, and you must not cross this, no matter what happens. If you see that it is crossing this page limit, make the acknowledgement short by cutting the extra thanks. For example, you can delete the thank you words written for your friends.

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A dissertation acknowledgement is where you thank all professional and personal supporters who have supported you throughout the dissertation writing. In this guiding post, we have discussed its importance and effective writing tips. As the researcher, you must read all the tips mentioned above and write this important section accordingly. One thing you must remember always is that do not to exceed the page limit.