5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Realme Tablet Under 20000


Now it seems you are in the market looking for a tablet, more specifically you have your eyes set on the tablets under 20000 range. But before you go out in the market and get a certain tablet, for instance, the realme tablet price fits perfectly for this article. We are going to suggest you 5 crucial factors you as a buyer have to consider before choosing a Realme tablet under 20000.

1. Display

The display of the tablet is regarded as the main component and it influences a major portion of the user’s ultimate buying decision. The user is advised to always assess the size of the tablet, and help decide whether it is easy or difficult for the user when reading text or accessing the device. The resolution of the device has to be Full HD in this modern era. 

The visibility from different viewing angles helps ensure similar visibility levels if the divide is being viewed by multiple people irrespective of their viewing angles. The other factors that are needed to be checked are the brightness meter and even the coating, and then a formal decision needs to be made when Choosing tablet under 20000. In realme tablets, you usually get the display option either in 8.7 inches or 10.4 inches variant.

  1. Operating System(OS)

If talking about today’s OS there are so many options and all of them are feature-rich offering a plethora of options, that is difficult to cover every single thing. Thus it’s important to know that all the realme tablet priced under 20000, operates on Android v11 OS, which helps launch applications around 20% faster compared to the previous version along with access to instant updates which help improve system security performance and others with apps and the system.

3. Processor

The processor present inside tablets does vary, some series tend to just update the generation while some changes the entire chipset completely. Since processors inside tablets are manufactured and then licensed differently. Some companies choose to mention only the clock speed along with the number of cores present inside the chipset. But to the users, it’s equally necessary to learn about the chip architecture since it majorly influences the performance, the battery life, and also the size. 

Now when talking about the Realme tablet priced under 20000 has a few different processing chipsets being utilized, the Realme pad X implements Snapdragon 695 while the realme mini tab has the Unisoc T616 chipset.

  1. Storage

Even though the user isn’t going to keep large databases on their tabs compared to the stored databases on their computers, it is advised to have a significant amount of space on any tablet the user decides to purchase, since there are various reasons for having a sufficient amount of space in a device. In a general sense, tablets usually offer between 8 GB to 64 GB of internal storage space. Generally, tablets use SSD as the primary storage device since it draws a lower amount of power, is compact, increased booting speed, and offers durability. 

If the user is using their tablet to browse the web, for streaming videos, and to read books then the storage space isn’t much important. But if you want to store HD multimedia files or high-end video games, it is advised to get a  model which has high storage capacity. Realme Tablets Priced under the range of 20000, usually feature a 64Gb internal storage option along with the option to expand the external storage to 1TB or 512 GB.

5. Battery life

Having a tablet that has battery life support for the entire day, has to be the basic need these days. But it’s tough to judge tablets since there are tons of apps with irregular charts of power consumption levels. And it’s pretty common for apps to draw more power if being used for a long time or are operating on high-graphics specs. 

Realme tablet priced under 20000 usually arrives with either 8340 mAh, 7100 mAh, or 6400 mAh battery model variants. Also, Realme tablets have two different kinds of charging options Dart Charging and Quick Charging We would advise opting for the models that offer more battery life, or else you have to carry power adapters everywhere around.

Now, there are tons of other factors which can influence your decision to purchase the realme tablet any kind of tablet under 20000, but these 5 were the few really important factors you have to check before diving into the market to purchase tablets. Here are some suggestions for Realme tablets priced under 20000. Realme Pad X, Realme Pad Mini 64GB LTE, and Realme Pad Mini LTE are some suggestions that pack performance and also fall under the 20000 range.