Top 11 Work From Home Jobs in the United Kingdom

Work From Home Jobs in uk

The Best Eleven Remote Jobs in the UK

The ability to work remotely opens up a world of opportunities, including shorter or eliminated commuting times, lower overhead, and more flexibility in scheduling.
There is a wide variety of entry-level to highly expert work that may be done from home.
Remote employment opportunities are abundant, and you can locate them on job boards and social media if your present employer is not.
About 23.9 million people in the United Kingdom have a job that they can do from home. This has helped them save money on petrol and groceries while also providing them with a better work-life balance. Jobs that can be done remotely exist in many fields, and they might be temporary, full-time, or part-time. In most cases, all you need to get started is a computer, access to the internet, and some useful skills.

Check out the top 11 remote jobs in the UK if you’re interested in working from home.

Tips for Locating Remote Employment
There are a few options for finding remote employment possibilities, since more and more businesses allow for telecommuting. If you’re already employed by a company in a position that can be done remotely, discuss the possibility of working from home either part-time or full-time with your superiors.

You may also use job boards to uncover remote employment opportunities by narrowing your search to “work from home” postings. Many employers utilise online job boards to locate contract workers and freelancers rather than full-time employees.

You can find fantastic opportunities to connect with organisations or professions that suit your beliefs and skills on social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.

  1. an accountant or bookkeeper
    When equipped with modern tools, bookkeepers and accountants can function well without a conventional workplace. These employees make use of applications that facilitate the completion of financial documents such as expenditure reports, financial transactions, and payroll processing. Most of an accountant’s work entails in-depth investigation and analysis.

Although a degree or certification isn’t usually required for these positions, those who have earned credentials from the Association of Certified Public Accountants and have appropriate work experience may have an advantage in the job market.

Average salaries for accountants are £37,855, compared to £24,107 for remote bookkeepers.

The number of available teaching positions is decreasing as traditional classrooms give way to virtual ones. There is a growing demand for qualified educators across all levels of online education, from K-12 to higher education and beyond.

You will be expected to conduct classes, design lessons, and evaluate student work all from the comfort of your own home. Web conferencing tools, as well as prerecorded podcasts and videos, are common ways in which virtual professors interact with their pupils.

A bachelor’s degree, Qualified Teacher Status, and initial teacher preparation may be necessary to teach at some schools. The average income for a teacher working from home is £31,632.

2. Third-Party Intermediary
Numerous opportunities for customer support representatives to work from home have arisen as a result of the proliferation of useful resources. It’s not uncommon for businesses to hire customer care agents from all around the world and run their operations entirely online. Your primary responsibility in this position will be to respond to client inquiries via phone, chat, email, and social media.

Customer service representatives often don’t need a college degree, but they do need great communication and interpersonal skills to handle complaints and inquiries from clients. Customer service employees earn an average pay of £20,211 per year across the UK.

4. Sales Associate
Remote sales people, like customer service personnel, must communicate with clients by phone, video chat, email, and IM. Sales reps deal directly with sales leads and cold-call customers, so they need to be well-versed in the products they’re selling and have strong communication and time management abilities.

Salespeople typically receive both a base income and commission for their efforts. The average income for a remote sales representative is £28,864, with the possibility of earning more in management.

  1. Author or Head of Content Production
    The term “content creation” is used to describe a wide variety of roles in the digital media industry that involve creating material for consumption across many platforms. Blogs and articles, editorials, social media, and any other form of visual, aural, or textual information fall under this category. Managers of content are in charge of the content strategy as a whole and have an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.

Content creators with a large following often strike lucrative arrangements with major brands in order to monetize their efforts.

Whether you want to make lifestyle blogs or graphic material for social media, all you need to get started is expertise in your chosen field. Influencers may expect an annual salary of £32,344, while content writers can expect to make £25,977, and content managers can expect to make £42,330.


  1. Digital Helper
    Virtual assistants handle a wide variety of office-related jobs that can be handled from afar. Appointment setting, trip planning, client communication, and inbox management are all examples of jobs that can be accomplished primarily through the use of a computer or telephone.

Although a four-year degree is not necessary to become a virtual assistant, candidates should have excellent organisational and communication abilities as well as prior experience in an administrative or office setting. Average annual salary for a virtual assistant is £24 789.

7. Adviser
Consulting and mentoring clients from afar can be rewarding if you have specialised expertise in a certain field. Consulting and mentoring entail advising clients on how to best achieve their personal and professional objectives, frequently by helping them identify problems and develop workable solutions. As a consultant, you can earn money by providing guidance and expertise to clients in exchange for payment.

Expertise and expertise in a specific field are preferred over formal education for consultants and mentors. The average salary for a mentor is £21,938, whereas the average salary for a remote consultant is £41,199 per year.

8: Data Entry Operator
Data entry jobs may be done from home and typically need little in the way of training or education, making them ideal for those searching for flexible entry-level employment from home. A typical day at work entails moving information from one system to another and typing it into formats that businesses and customers can use.

Workers in this profession typically have strong analytical and administrative skills, as well as excellent organising abilities. The typical salary for a data entry clerk working remotely is £23,969.

9: Prosecutor
Using the internet and other remote means, remote paralegals serve the legal needs of law firms and their clients. Legal research, contract management, client communication and form filing are just some of the daily chores they face. While some online paralegals find work in general law firms, others choose to focus on a particular practise area.

There are no hard and fast educational or work experience prerequisites for the role of virtual paralegal; nevertheless, a background in law and administration can increase your employability. On average, remote paralegals make £23,507.

Internet Shopping
Entrepreneurial spirit is more important than in other distant employment when working in e-commerce. Almost anyone can open an online store by learning some HTML and CSS and signing up for an e-commerce platform like Shopify or Etsy. Choosing what to sell is the most challenging step; after that’s done, you may organise delivery or work with drop-shipping vendors.

Although running an online storefront can be a financially profitable and flexible way to work from home, it is not without its challenges. The average annual income of an online store owner is £36,255.

Eleventh, Creator
There are a lot of opportunities for developers because the tech business is expanding all the time. Depending on the type of developer you are, you may be responsible for creating and maintaining mobile apps, website widgets, or databases.

Although a degree or job experience is not necessary to work as a developer, prospective employers and customers will look for candidates who have the requisite skills and attributes. Developers need strong analytical and problem-solving skills in addition to coding language skills acquired through education, training, or experience.

Programmers earn an average of £41,851 per year.